Admission Guidelines

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  • The Management reserves the right of admission.
  • Before a child can be considered for admission, the registration form duly filled in and signed by the parents, must be deposited with the school. If none of the parents is alive or present, the lawful guardian of the child can sign the form.
  • A child who has not attained the age of 3years is not admitted to class Pre-School. Admission to higher classes is governed by this rule.
  • Pupils who have attended other recognized schools are required to submit a Progress Report and Transfer Certificate from the previous school.
  • Transfer Certificate must be counter signed by the Education Officer of the District concerned.
  • Municipal Birth Certificate of the child is to be submitted for admission.
  • Special attention must be paid while entering the name and date of birth of the child.
  • Before admission and/or shifting residence, parents should satisfy themselves that adequate transport arrangements exist for their wards from the place of residence to the school and back. Parents who shift their residence have to officially inform the school about the same so that proper changes are made in the school records. It is mandatory that this procedure should be carried out by parents themselves in written and not through correspondence or through their children.

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